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Mind CBD is the tale of four friends: one from Brazil, two from France, and one from England. They crossed paths in 2007 while working together in Paris at an American tech news website.


We first heard about Cannabidiol and its benefits through Olivier, who told us about the growing success of CBD in San Francisco and many states in the United States back in 2012. During our stay in California, we were all surprised and impressed by the variety of CBD products available and their popularity among all kinds of people (from young to old, rich to less affluent, athletes to non-athletes, etc.). Of course, we didn't miss the opportunity to try CBD in various forms and thus discover its benefits, especially after a few days or weeks (depending on the case) of consumption.

CBD has truly provided each of us with different benefits in our daily lives: feeling more relaxed and productive at work, being less stressed with our children (who in turn are also calmer), being in a better mood overall, experiencing fewer headaches, sleeping better, or recovering more effectively after exercise. Since our trip to California, each of us has continued to consume CBD daily or occasionally in the format we prefer (Gummies, Capsules, Flowers, Hash, Vapes).

The rugby player on the team, always a bit of a daredevil, takes CBD capsules to relax his muscles, reduce soreness, and alleviate muscle pain after his Sunday matches, and CBD balm to quickly heal his injuries. He feels less sore all over when heading to the office on Monday morning.

We've also noticed that CBD is an excellent substitute for alcohol to unwind after a day at the office (although it doesn't replace a good glass of red wine with a meal! Editor's note).

The women of the team, some of whom are daily runners or yoga enthusiasts and are sensitive to well-being, also quickly embraced CBD. They've incorporated it into their daily routines based on their frequency of sports practice or in their holistic wellness regimens. Nothing could replace a CBD tea in the evening before bed for a relaxing moment as a couple or with friends.

Having each experienced the multiple benefits that CBD brings to our daily lives and being long-time seekers of a professional path that is meaningful, we decided to create together the Mind CBD brand, a brand that reflects who we are and embodies our values.

Panneau de bois


When we sought to purchase CBD products in France, no website truly convinced or reassured us. The lack of transparency regarding the content and traceability of the products was very noticeable, and the sites with flashy visuals and colors didn't evoke the relaxation we seek from CBD products. All of this gave us the feeling that there was a missing brand in the market that would match our experience and expectations as consumers.

So, we decided to create a brand that is understated and calming, reflecting the well-being and serenity that CBD provides.

The main values that are important to us are:

  • Products of impeccable quality

  • Transparency about the origin and source of the ingredients used

  • Accessible certificates of analysis

  • Offering prices that are accessible to as many people as possible, as quality CBD products are often expensive for consumers

  • A commitment to sustainable development values (low CO2 emissions in production and packaging, minimizing travel as much as possible, telecommuting, biking, etc.)

  • A desire to inform and support our customers to build loyalty through the quality of our products and attentive customer service

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